The Wine Freak’s Mother Goose

Once upon a time, I wrote a wine column for a newspaper in Baton Rouge. One week I was desperate for copy. The deadline nigh, I happened on an article about the discovery of a long-lost manuscript of the Brothers Grimm. That inspired me. I did not have time to compose a fairy tale, but had a go at Mother Goose.

This was decades ago, when the French invaded California.  They came, they saw, they vinified. Thus:

This Little Piggie

copyright 2010
The Pondonome

This little piggie had a Champagne.
This little piggie, a Chateaux.
All the other piggies voted Miterrand,
And off to California they did go.
Crying “Oui, oui, oui” all the way home.

Speaking Frenchly, a term therein for wine is vin du pays, country wine, locally grown. Thus:

Little Miss Muffet

copyright 2010
The Pondonome

Little Miss Muffet
Sat on her tuffet
Drinking her vin du pays

Along came a spider
And set down beside her,
And suggested a Cabernet.

Miss Muffet, in trauma,
Cried to her mauma,
“How can i drink these dregs?

The wine you suggested,
An insect rejected!
She said she had much better legs.”

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