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If It Doesn’t Work, We’ll Have Lots of Tequila

The same delightful plant that fuels regrettable spring break decisions could also be a major source of energy in the 21st century. New research reveals that the agave plant has comparably higher energy yields than corn and, even more intriguing, becomes … Continue reading

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Sympathy for the Devil

from Wired: Every classic story has two sides. From “Star Wars” to “Oz” we look at the best revisionist takes What if the villains were actually the good guys?

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Evolution Does Not Take Eons

Fifty years will do nicely. Talk about a quick learner: in just 50 years, a fish has evolved a resistance to toxic chemicals polluting its Hudson River home, a new study finds. Hudson River Fish Evolves to Live With PCBs … Continue reading

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Star Light, Star Bright, First Star I See Tonight…

Make that, “first star” ever. Talk about glimmers from the past. Some of the universe’s first stars may still be shining in the Milky Way 13.4 billion years after they formed, new simulations suggest. The study, reported online February 3 … Continue reading

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The Social Network Revolution

No, not “revolution” as metaphor. Here, “revolution” means “revolution.” In Tunisia’s state of unrest, protesters are using blogs,Facebook, Twitter, WikiLeaks documents, YouTube and other methods to mobilize and report on what is going on. The weeks of demonstrations, including the deaths of at least … Continue reading

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Nano Particles, Macro Problems

From Wired: Plants and microbes can absorb nano-sized synthetic particles that magnify in concentration within predators up the food chain, according to two new studies. … To explore nanoparticle absorption in the food chain, [environmental toxicologist Paul Bertsch] raised tobacco plants in … Continue reading

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