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The War on The War on Drugs

I’ll have a latte with extra THC, please. Make it a double. State-sanctioned marijuana dispensaries now outnumber Starbucks in Colorado. But outside Denver and Boulder, few doctors are comfortable dealing with medical marijuana. Now, residents in rural Colorado towns like … Continue reading

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Ghost Buster Plants

A government-backed Colorado State University scientist has re-engineered plants so that they can detect explosives, air pollution and toxic chemicals. Plants fixed with custom-made proteins in biologist June Medford’s lab signal the presence of potentially deadly vapors by turning from … Continue reading

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A Crack in the Wall

On Thursday, President Obama said the question of drug legalization and regulation is an “entirely legitimate topic for debate” — the first sitting president to do so since cocaine, heroin and marijuana were made illegal in the U.S. Drug Legalization … Continue reading

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How to Win the War on Drugs: Stop Fighting It

As Mexico drowns in drug-related bloodshed — suffering almost 12,000 murders in 2010 — it is perhaps unsurprising that government critics have turned up their screaming that the war on drugs isn’t working. But it was a bit of a … Continue reading

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About That War on Drugs…

Faced with both a public health crisis and a public relations disaster, Portugal’s elected officials took a bold step. They decided to decriminalize the possession of all illicit drugs — from marijuana to heroin — but continue to impose criminal … Continue reading

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Latest Victims of the War on Drugs: Horses

Found tottering alone in the desert with their ribs visible and their heads hung low, horses play a backbreaking, unappreciated role in the multibillion-dollar drug smuggling industry. Mexican traffickers strap heavy bales of marijuana or other illegal drugs to the horses’ … Continue reading

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