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“The World’s Most Beautiful Scrabble Set”

The World’s Most Beautiful Scrabble Set | Co.Design

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Chimps Have Barbies

Ok, so they’re not plastic, don’t have outsize breasts, and not too many wardrobe choices, but they work just the same: Young female chimps carry sticks as a form of “play-mothering,” much in the same way girls cradle their dolls, … Continue reading

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Goes to Eleven, Definitely

Over there on Wired, GeekDad features the Kids Electronic Rock Guitar Shirt GeekDad even tells you how to wash it.

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Gift Guide from GeekMom

GeekMom, over at Wired, has a cool collection of gifts for kids of all ages. I already have the bug-sucker vacuum gun, thank you. I want the rattlesnake. GeekMom Holiday Gift Guide 2010: #5 Toys For Most Any Age, Including Grown-Ups

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