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Twelve Insane Roller Coasters

So this is how they play with the gravity well on planet earth. Think of what we could do on the surface of a neutron star. Of course, the ultimate would be a black holercoaster. From Oobject Incredible Roller Coasters … Continue reading

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Twelve Vintage Phones

“Mr. Watson, come here. I want to see you!” From Oobject: coolest vintage phones      

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Seventeen Found Object Chandeliers

Stuff Just Hanging Around why buy a horrid crystal monstrosity for $10K when you can make a chandelier out of almost anything. Here is a selection of chandeliers made out of inexpensive things or found objects – including human bones. … Continue reading

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The Quake: Before and After, from National Geographic

  Zoom in and out of satellite pictures of Japan before and after a magnitude 9.0 earthquake spawned a deadly tsunami on March 11. Japan Tsunami, Before & After: Zoomable Satellite Images  

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The Quake: Rikuzentakata, Before and After, from NASA

Today’s image from NASA Earth Observatory is of … the city of Rikuzentakata. At the end of a narrow inlet, the city of roughly 8,000 households lost 75 percent of its homes. On March 14, 2011, The Mainichi Daily News declared: “Rikuzentakata … Continue reading

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New Genus of Stingray

Ray X-Rayed: Two new (to science) stingrays from the Amazon have been studied and classified. H. rosai and Heliotrygon gomesi have been sold in the global pet trade for years under trade names. But only recently did scientists—working with local fishers … Continue reading

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The Quake: Before and After, Redux

The New York Times has a superb set of “before and after” shots, taken by GeoEye. Satellite Photos – Japan Before and After Tsunami – Interactive Feature – NYTimes.com

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