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Could This Beetle Fight a Battle in a Bottle With a Paddle?

How to control your beetle. Implant a few electrodes in the pupa. Wait. Control your grown-up zombie beetle with a WII. The critter is a bit of a cyborg actually – part june bug, part computer. The man behind the zombie … Continue reading

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Your Brain Just Got More Complicated

Much more complicated. Neurons are complicated, but the basic functional concept is that synapses transmit electrical signals to the dendrites and cell body (input), and axons carry signals away (output). In one of many surprise findings, Northwestern University scientists have … Continue reading

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A: Watson

Q: What has … 15 terabytes of RAM, 2,880 processor cores and can operate at 80 teraflops, or 80 trillion operations per second. IBM’s Watson Supercomputer Set to Take On Jeopardy Champs | Epicenter | Wired.com Yet, as I noted a … Continue reading

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You are the World

In terms of information processing, that is. Notice in this article the comparison between all the information in the world, the DNA in your body, and the neuron activity in a single human brain. Martin Hilbert, of the USC Annenberg … Continue reading

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On Evolved Circuits and the Most Evolved of Circuitry

I remember reading in Scientific American, years ago, about evolved circuits. (Here’s some background from Wikipedia: Evolvable hardware.) I believe the circuit described in SA is the “tone discriminator” mentioned in Wikipedia. The most intriguing element of that circuit was an … Continue reading

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As the Worm Turns

Researchers are using inexpensive components from ordinary liquid crystal display (LCD) projectors to control the brain and muscles of tiny organisms, including freely moving worms. Red, green and blue lights from a projector activate light-sensitive microbial proteins that are genetically … Continue reading

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Hmmm. Occam’s Razor Seems to be Missing.

Andrew Revkin has a long, thoughtful, and thought-provoking post today, which begins This is your brain on words: Lots of words follow. Revkin is riffing on Edge.org, a site maintained by John Brockman to provide discussion of provocative questions. This year’s … Continue reading

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