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Quake Could Have Been More Devastating

The tsunami devastated the coast of Japan. Buildings swayed in Tokyo, but none fell, thanks to preventative measures in the form of building codes enforced by –ready for it?– government regulation. Got that, GOP? Government regulation. Japan’s already stringent building … Continue reading

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Krugman and Fail on the Deficit Debate

Paul Krugman: The Congressional Budget Office expects Social Security outlays as a percentage of G.D.P. to rise 30 percent over the next quarter-century, as the population ages, but it expects a near doubling of the share of G.D.P. spent on … Continue reading

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GOPsodent! Whiten Your Teeth While You Lie Through Them!

Paul Krugman, on February 11: Republicans have a mandate to repeal the laws of arithmetic. Don’t Cut You, Don’t Cut Me – NYTimes.com Got the toothpaste for ya, Paul! Engrish Funny You’ll wonder how your money’s spent When you brush … Continue reading

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Krugman and Sargent on the Wisconsin Power Grab

What’s happening in Wisconsin is a power grab, pure yes, but not simple. Krugman lays it out. In recent weeks, Madison has been the scene of large demonstrations against the governor’s budget bill, which would deny collective-bargaining rights to public-sector … Continue reading

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Women and Children First

CNN: As angry teachers in the Midwest shut down more than a dozen school districts in protest Thursday, Republican officials across the nation have made teachers’ unions “public enemy No. 1” in a battle to trim budgets and rewrite the … Continue reading

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Was the Stimulus a Dead Fish or a Live One?

Paul Krugman: the stimulus can’t have failed, because it never happened. Once you take state and local cutbacks into account, there was no surge of government spending. Here’s total (all levels) government spending over the past 10 years: The Great Abdication … Continue reading

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Don’t Let Government Touch My Medicare

Thomas Jefferson: “Whenever the people are well-informed, they can be trusted with their own government.” Paul Krugman: 44 percent of Social Security recipients, and 40 percent of Medicare recipients, believe that they don’t benefit from any government social program. Medicare Recipients … Continue reading

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Cookies for Krugman!

That’s Paul Krugman to you. More delicious intellicookies here: GraphJam

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“We Shall be Winnowed by So Rough a Wind…”

Paul Krugman on the global food crisis: World food prices hit a record in January, driven by huge increases in the prices of wheat, corn, sugar and oils. These soaring prices have had only a modest effect on U.S. inflation, … Continue reading

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“Have you left no sense of decency?”

No. Paul Krugman, on reports that: Republicans in Congress are planning to investigate the Financial Crisis Inquiry Commission, looking for evidence of corruption and wrongdoing. … What the GOP wants is to make people afraid even to do research that … Continue reading

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