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Will Radiation from Japan Reach the US?

No. Well, not enough to hurt, yet just enough to set off panic buying. Ground level releases of radioactivity are typically not able to be transported long distances in significant quantities, since much of the material settles to the ground … Continue reading

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Where Will The Radiation Blow?

Jeff Masters has been running wind direction projections from NOAA. The takeaway: Whatever radiation leaks from the blown reactors in Japan will very probably drift mostly to sea, and precipitate onto the ocean. Note the comparison to Chernobyl, emphasis added. … Continue reading

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Quake Could Have Been More Devastating

The tsunami devastated the coast of Japan. Buildings swayed in Tokyo, but none fell, thanks to preventative measures in the form of building codes enforced by –ready for it?– government regulation. Got that, GOP? Government regulation. Japan’s already stringent building … Continue reading

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Greenland: “I’m Melting! I’m Melting!”

Jeff Masters has details on the record temperatures in Greenland last year. This map from NOAA shows the departure from average (since 1920) of the temperature of the waters near Greenland. Many areas were over 5 degrees F over normal, … Continue reading

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Drought + Floods + Heat = Rising Price of Food

The drought in China’s major wheat production area is continuing, and now approaches the worst in two centuries. China may not be able to feed itself. If China is forced to import wheat, this will put still more pressure on … Continue reading

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Welcome to Fargo! Here’s Your Bag, There’s The Sand, Fill ‘er Up, You Betcha…

  There is a huge amount of snow on the ground in North Dakota along the tributaries of the Red River, thanks to fall precipitation that was 150% – 300% of normal, and winter snows that have dumped up to … Continue reading

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Weather: The Outer Limits

Jeff Masters, in a post two days ago, noted that the temperature in Bartlesville, Oklahoma, went from -28 F on 10 February  to 82 F on 17 February, a swing of 110 degrees within a week. A 100+ degree temperature … Continue reading

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