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Greenland is Melting

Ok, we knew that. To drive home the point, … NASA has created a remarkable infographic that shows just how alarmingly fast Greenland is melting away. And while the message might be familiar and terrifying, the data viz techniques are … Continue reading

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Design / Define / Refine Your Space With Legos! Well, Almost Legos, Anyway

Very very very very cool. Ditto, the striking modular building material shown here, was designed explicitly for no-frills, recession-era architecture, but you’d never guess it by looking at the stuff. Depending on how you arrange the modules, you can create … Continue reading

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One Wire To Rule Them All

Ten gigabytes bidirectional data flow. All devices daisy chained on one cable. Intel’s Light Peak data connection tech has evolved, and is now on sale in a real device–Apple’s new MacBook Pros. It’s clever, super-fast, and is actually a stealthy trick … Continue reading

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Now Now, Eat Your Computer, You Know It’s Good for You

I’ll have some itty bitty salsa with my chips, please. Imagine a computer, complete with processor chip and sensors, so small it could give a grain of salt a run for its money. Now imagine embedding it as a super-smart … Continue reading

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“The Thomas Beale Cipher”

Fast Company introduces us to “The Thomas Beale Cipher,” which … tells the “true legend” of a fictional World War II codebreaker who gets roped into intrigues surrounding the eponymous cipher — “a century-old riddle hiding the location of a … Continue reading

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The USDA has announced that if will allow the planting of genetically modified alfalfa. Fast Company explains how that could destroy the organic beef and milk industry. Alfalfa pollen is notorious for flying all over the place, which means that … Continue reading

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Guitar Hero Fire Sculpture

    Chris Marion is a high school student who likes math, fire, and DIY projects. One of his latest don’t-try-this-at-home projects (that he appears to have tried at home) is alternately being called a “fire organ” or “fire sculpture.” … Continue reading

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Got Some Green Home Power Ideas?

From Fast Company: Attention, budding businesspeople with ideas to change the way we manage energy at home: GE’s Ecomagination initiative is opening up to you. The corporate giant is doing it with the “Powering Your Home” Challenge, a contest that … Continue reading

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