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Memo to Oregon & Washington re Tsunami: Get Ready

It Can’t Will Happen Here At 9PM on January 26, 1700 one of the world’s largest earthquakes occurred along the west coast of North America. The undersea Cascadia thrust fault ruptured along a 1000 km length, from mid Vancouver Island … Continue reading

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A Domino We Really Do Not Want to Fall

From Politico: For decades, experts have warned about the fragility of the House of Saud. To curtail their opposition, Saudi monarchs have placated their subjects with cradle-to-grave, petrodollar-funded entitlement programs, while taming the Wahhabi establishment through charitable contributions to religious … Continue reading

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Hmmm. Occam’s Razor Seems to be Missing.

Andrew Revkin has a long, thoughtful, and thought-provoking post today, which begins This is your brain on words: Lots of words follow. Revkin is riffing on Edge.org, a site maintained by John Brockman to provide discussion of provocative questions. This year’s … Continue reading

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Cancun: This calls for immediate discussion.

From The Guardian: The UN climate change talks produced a modest deal today that for the first time commits all the major economies to reducing emissions, but not enough to meet their promise of keeping the global temperature rise to 2C. … Continue reading

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