On Twitter

This may, with some difficulty, be recognized as a song.

A rock song, actually, with a basic ONE TWO / THREE and FOUR beat. The chorus is in italics; the lowest voice in the group should take the solo; bold indicates all voices.

on twitter
copyright 2009
Martin Richard
revised 19 April 2009

can’t tell
night from days
can’t tell
straights from gays
on twitter

can’t tell
north from south
can’t tell
hand from mouth
on twitter

can’t tell
left from right
is out of sight
on twitter

can’t tell
girls from boys
tools from toys
jews from goys
can’t tell the signal
from the noise
on twitter

can’t see the forest
too many trees
can’t hear the buzz
too many bees
can’t tell the sexy
from the sleaze
on twitter

might be here
from switzerland
might be here
from pakistan
might be here
from neverland
never need
to understand
never need
attention span
on twitter

can’t tell
sir from ma’am
can’t tell
viet from nam
can’t tell the lion
from the lamb
don’t need to think
therefore i am
on twitter

can’t tell
where you’re at
can’t tell
thin from fat
tits from tats
doors from mats
cats from hats
all we are
is brains in vats
on twitter


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