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Hoverbots Playing Catch

Your robot overlords will play catch with you. If they’re not too busy. And if you ask. Nicely. These robots were made by researchers at the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in Zurich (ETHZ) and use highly precise positioning sensors to … Continue reading

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Could This Beetle Fight a Battle in a Bottle With a Paddle?

How to control your beetle. Implant a few electrodes in the pupa. Wait. Control your grown-up zombie beetle with a WII. The critter is a bit of a cyborg actually – part june bug, part computer. The man behind the zombie … Continue reading

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Your Robot Overlords Will Have You Rolling in the Aisles

Laugh while you can, monkeyman. Robocomedy. YouTube – Heather Knight: Silicon-based comedy Hat tip to Get Ready for Social Robots!

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