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How to Trap a Rainbow

Groovy! A team of electrical engineers and chemists at Lehigh University have experimentally verified the “rainbow” trapping effect, demonstrating that plasmonic structures can slow down light waves over a broad range of wavelengths. The idea that a rainbow of broadband … Continue reading

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The Quake: Oh Great. The #3 Reactor is Fueled With Plutonium

Reactor #1 suffered an explosion on Sunday afternoon. Reactor #3 is in danger of exploding. But … Unlike the uranium-based Fukushima number 1, the number 3 reactor uses a mixture of plutonium oxide and uranium oxide. In the event of … Continue reading

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Let There Not Be Light

scientists at Yale University have built the world’s first anti-laser, in which incoming beams of light interfere with one another in such a way as to perfectly cancel each other out. World’s first anti-laser built Yesterday upon the stair I … Continue reading

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Star Light, Star Bright, First Star I See Tonight…

Make that, “first star” ever. Talk about glimmers from the past. Some of the universe’s first stars may still be shining in the Milky Way 13.4 billion years after they formed, new simulations suggest. The study, reported online February 3 … Continue reading

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Shaken, Not Stirred

Quickly now: name a common household item that has 15 times the energy density of gunpowder and 10 times that of TNT. That would be gasoline, the active ingredient in the Molotov cocktail. Here is an Egyptian tank getting a … Continue reading

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Beyond Graphene: More Kinds of Nano-sheets

Graphene, a sheet of graphite one atom thick, is no longer the only planar nano-material. A novel way of splitting materials into sheets just one atom thick could lead to new electronic and energy storage technologies, scientists said Thursday. … … Continue reading

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Aunderstanding Auroras

Two European satellite flew simultaneously above the same aurora display, and were able to take measurements at different altitudes of this natural particle accelerator. This is the first time that scientists have measured such a region simultaneously using more than … Continue reading

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