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Can Red Wine Protect You From Radiation?

Skip The Iodine, Pass the Zinfandel According to the latest research, red wine – along with its many other claimed benefits – may also protect you from radiation exposure. A team at the University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine have … Continue reading

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The Quake: Rikuzentakata, Before and After, from NASA

Today’s image from NASA Earth Observatory is of … the city of Rikuzentakata. At the end of a narrow inlet, the city of roughly 8,000 households lost 75 percent of its homes. On March 14, 2011, The Mainichi Daily News declared: “Rikuzentakata … Continue reading

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The First Planet, Mercury, Gets Its First Satellite

NASA’s MESSENGER spacecraft successfully achieved orbit around Mercury at approximately 9 p.m. EDT Thursday. This marks the first time a spacecraft has accomplished this engineering and scientific milestone at our solar system’s innermost planet. For the next several weeks, APL … Continue reading

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Floods on the Kitakami River: Before and After

The NASA Earth Observatory page has before and after images of tsunami flooding along the Kitakami River. Flooding along the Kitakami River, Japan : Image of the Day      

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Will Radiation from Japan Reach the US?

No. Well, not enough to hurt, yet just enough to set off panic buying. Ground level releases of radioactivity are typically not able to be transported long distances in significant quantities, since much of the material settles to the ground … Continue reading

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Pharm-illogical Panic Buying: Iodine Sells Out on West Coast

I bet I could sell a TON of anti-radiation placebos in California. Many West Coast residents came up empty handed in their search of potassium iodide this week as fears over radiation spreading from Japan took hold. The rush on … Continue reading

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Greenland is Melting

Ok, we knew that. To drive home the point, … NASA has created a remarkable infographic that shows just how alarmingly fast Greenland is melting away. And while the message might be familiar and terrifying, the data viz techniques are … Continue reading

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