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Stunning Astronomy Picture of the Day

The astropic du jour is a gorgeous timelapse of the aurora over Norway. A must see.                   APOD: 2011 March 28 – Time Lapse Auroras Over Norway

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Seventeen Found Object Chandeliers

Stuff Just Hanging Around why buy a horrid crystal monstrosity for $10K when you can make a chandelier out of almost anything. Here is a selection of chandeliers made out of inexpensive things or found objects – including human bones. … Continue reading

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The Quake: Before and After, from National Geographic

  Zoom in and out of satellite pictures of Japan before and after a magnitude 9.0 earthquake spawned a deadly tsunami on March 11. Japan Tsunami, Before & After: Zoomable Satellite Images  

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Floods on the Kitakami River: Before and After

The NASA Earth Observatory page has before and after images of tsunami flooding along the Kitakami River. Flooding along the Kitakami River, Japan : Image of the Day      

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The Quake: Before and After, Redux

The New York Times has a superb set of “before and after” shots, taken by GeoEye. Satellite Photos – Japan Before and After Tsunami – Interactive Feature –

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Camera Trap Images from the Smithsonian

Very very cool.   Smithsonian Wild I found this thanks to Geekdad, who says … It is fantastic. The site, which launched March 3, is designed to be a clearinghouse for motion-triggered “camera traps” used in research across the world … Continue reading

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So: Did the Quake Move the Main Island of Japan by 8 Feet? No, 13!

Thirteen feet was the maximum, eight feet was the average, over a stretch of 300 miles. The eastward shift was documented by Japan’s Geonet network of GPS monitoring stations, based in Tsukuba, said Ken Hudnut, a geophysicist at the U.S. Geological Survey’s … Continue reading

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