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Libya Announces Halt to Military Operations

Libya announced a “immediate” cease-fire and a halt to military action Friday, hours after the U.N. Security Council authorized the use of force to protect besieged civilians in Libya. Libyan Foreign Minister Moussa Koussa said Libya is “obliged to accept … Continue reading

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Japan Acknowledges Greater Threat Level at Nuclear Plant

So far, I do not see any significant developments in the situation. This seems to be a political move, in response to international criticism. Japan’s Nuclear and Industrial Safety Agency raised the level for the crisis at the Fukushima Daiichi … Continue reading

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Tom Toles on Qaddafi

    Click here for the Tole thing. Tom Toles Editorial Cartoon on You may have to go to the ‘toon for March 11.  

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The UnUnited States of Europe

“For your information, there’s a lot more to Europe than people think.” “Exxxample? “Europe is like onions.” “They make you cry?” “No! Layers!  Onions have layers, Europe has layers!” This diagram is a particularly instructive map, too: it neatly visualises … Continue reading

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The Lack of Libyan Oil May Force NATO to Move

Hey NATO! No oil or no fly: choose. The world is skating on the edge of petroleum prices so high that they could push the global economy back into recession. Will NATO governments really risk taking a bath in their … Continue reading

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Silence Implies Consent: Obama Quiet on Repression in Iraq

We saw it with Yemen, and now we’re seeing it again with Iraq: the Obama administration is conspicuously quiet when friendly Middle East regimes use ugly tactics — including violence and imprisoning peaceful demonstrators — to quell growing protest movements in … Continue reading

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Bush Refuses to Share Stage with Assange

Oh delicious. The man who squandered our national surplus; let down his guard to terrorists; ignored the plight of New Orleans; started an unnecessary war in Iraq while shifting resources from the war in Afghanistan; undermined our moral authority by … Continue reading

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