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Can Red Wine Protect You From Radiation?

Skip The Iodine, Pass the Zinfandel According to the latest research, red wine – along with its many other claimed benefits – may also protect you from radiation exposure. A team at the University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine have … Continue reading

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Bees Be Going. Bees Be Gone?

Honeybee populations continue to collapse across the globe. There does not seem to be a single cause, but a multiplicity of them. This article serves as a reminder of the service these pollinators do for us, and indicates that we … Continue reading

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I’d Like to Get Out, Myself

  Engrish Funny

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Size Matters

Many more, here: This is Indexed

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Tasting, Tasting…

What is taste? This Big Think special series looks at what taste actually is—from both a scientific and sociological perspective—and why it is that we find some tastes so appealing and others disgusting. What Is Taste? | Special Series | … Continue reading

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Fifty Smiles to the Gallon

Wienermobiles! All of them!     all 10 wienermobiles through history

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Drought + Floods + Heat = Rising Price of Food

The drought in China’s major wheat production area is continuing, and now approaches the worst in two centuries. China may not be able to feed itself. If China is forced to import wheat, this will put still more pressure on … Continue reading

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