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The Quake: Tokyo Quiets Down

The giant TVs are silent, the neon lights dark and the bars of Tokyo half-empty. Two weeks after Japan’s deadly earthquake, the city that once never slept is learning to live with a new era of frugality. Many public escalators … Continue reading

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Radiation’s Most Immediate Effect: Panic Buying

A top Japanese official urged residents of the nation’s capital not to hoard bottled water Wednesday after Tokyo’s government found that radioactive material in tap water had exceeded the limit considered safe for infants. “We have to consider Miyagi and … Continue reading

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Republican Infrastructure Budget, Explained


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Tom Toles on Taxes

The Ba’al-anced Budget   Tom Toles Editorial Cartoon on You may have to go to the ‘toon for 13 March, to get the punchline.  

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Quake Could Have Been More Devastating

The tsunami devastated the coast of Japan. Buildings swayed in Tokyo, but none fell, thanks to preventative measures in the form of building codes enforced by –ready for it?– government regulation. Got that, GOP? Government regulation. Japan’s already stringent building … Continue reading

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Krugman and Fail on the Deficit Debate

Paul Krugman: The Congressional Budget Office expects Social Security outlays as a percentage of G.D.P. to rise 30 percent over the next quarter-century, as the population ages, but it expects a near doubling of the share of G.D.P. spent on … Continue reading

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8.9 Quake: Whole Lotta Shakin’ Going On

The mighty magnitude 8.9 earthquake is the 7th most powerful tremor in world history (Figure 1), and the planet’s second top-ten earthquake in the past two years. The world’s 8th largest earthquake, a magnitude 8.8 event, hit Chile on February 27, … Continue reading

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