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Seven Low-Weight, High-Impact Books

At 1,456 pages, War and Peace makes a big impression … and a great doorstop. But books don’t have to weigh a lot to be heavy hitters. Here are seven tiny tomes—all fewer than 100 pages—that sparked revolutions. mental_floss Blog » … Continue reading

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Ngram du Jour, 23 Dec 10

Whiskey and Cider, Beer and Wine    

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Of Love and Babies

Alison Gopnik is the author of The Philosophical Baby.  This wonderful, deeply humane, survey of what we have learned of how babies learn is one of my absolute favorite books of all time. (Here’s the review from The New York Times.) … Continue reading

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The Killing of Crazy Horse

Ok, I want this one. The Killing of Crazy Horse” takes on the mythology and the history of the man and his age. Thomas Powers — whose work as a journalist peering into the shadows of the intelligence world has … Continue reading

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The Twelve Bots of Christmas

“On the first day of Christmas, Robo-Santa gave to me … A Cartridge in a Gear Tree!” Looks wonderful to me! Hat tip to GeekMom!

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