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Astropic du Jour

You have no doubt read of the bacteria which has been force-fed arsenic and lived to tell about it. APOD has a nice image today of Mono Lake, from whence it came. APOD: 2010 December 6 – Mono Lake: Home … Continue reading

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Diabetes Surges

The number of Americans diagnosed with diabetes has been on the rise for 20 years. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention have released data by county, and Slate has published a sweet graphic, showing that some counties are far … Continue reading

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Seeing Red … Blood Cells

More than once, Paul Krugman has accused the Democrats, in their ongoing battles with Republicans, of “going for the capillairies.” Good news, Paul! Now they can see the capillaries. Scientists at Harvard University have developed a noninvasive imaging technique that captures … Continue reading

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