Pharm-illogical Panic Buying: Iodine Sells Out on West Coast

I bet I could sell a TON of anti-radiation placebos in California.

Many West Coast residents came up empty handed in their search of potassium iodide this week as fears over radiation spreading from Japan took hold.

The rush on the supplement came even as emergency management officials said there is no need to take the pills believed to prevent the thyroid from absorbing radiation. …

The supplement disappeared from some store shelves even as California’s emergency management agency warned residents against taking it.

“It is not necessary given the current circumstances in Japan,” the agency said. “It can present a danger to people with allergies to iodine, shellfish or who have thyroid problems, and taken inappropriately it can have serious side effects.”

Radiation fears spark run on West Coast pharmacies, health food stores –

See my note on this from two days ago: Where Will The Radiation Blow?

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