Hang Your Kid’s Scrapbooks on the Wall


During a recent weekend, we spent some quality geeky time at a friend’s house. … But before we headed over, my friend called and asked my kids to collect some things from nature. Dead bugs, leaves, sticks, anything interesting or unusual was welcome. …

When we got to our friend’s house, she took the kids outside to collect a few additional items from near her house. Putting those bits of nature with the ones from our yard, the kids then carefully selected some of their favorites to put together in groupings.

My friend got out several shadowboxes and cut out black card stock in the size of four small frames. The kids then arranged their chosen items on the card stock and glued them in place. When dry, the arrangements were all framed up and hung on the wall.

Nature Shadowboxes: A Great Weekend Project | GeekDad | Wired.com


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