Talk Radio: All Froth and No Chocolate

The new payola!

The money is not in music, however; it’s in politics.

Crooks and Liars pointed to an article in Tablet Magazine on a business known as Premiere on  Call. What do they do?

They provide fake radio callers.

From Tablet:

“Premiere On Call is our new custom caller service,” read the service’s website, which disappeared as this story was being reported (for a cached version of the site click here). “We supply voice talent to take/make your on-air calls, improvise your scenes or deliver your scripts. Using our simple online booking tool, specify the kind of voice you need, and we’ll get your the right person fast. Unless you request it, you won’t hear that same voice again for at least two months, ensuring the authenticity of your programming for avid listeners.”

Radio Daze – by Liel Leibovitz > Tablet Magazine

Just a little fly by night business? Well, they seem to have flown, since their website disappeared, but little? Not.

Premiere On Call was a service offered by Premiere Radio Networks, the largest syndication company in the United States and a subsidiary of Clear Channel Communications, the entertainment and advertising giant. Premiere syndicates some of the more sterling names in radio, including Rush Limbaugh, Glenn Beck, and Sean Hannity.

op cit

The ancient Greeks used to teach rhetoric and logic, but they’re all dead, and we don’t. Schools do not teach kids how to think, how to distinguish good argument from bad. Schools cannot. If kids could think for themselves, they might, when of voting age, recognize when their leaders are lying, and the fodder might object to the cannons.

As a result, we are such suckers for arguments ad hominem that it pays to manufacture the hominems to make the arguments; and thus: talk show radio, where hominems rage ad infinitum.

It is all froth and no chocolate. Argument as aerogel, perfect insulation from evidence itself.


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