From Those That Have Not, It Shall be Taken Away

Mother Jones has eight charts that illustrate the extreme and growing inequality the distribution of wealth in the United States. Here’s one:




More here: I’s the Inequality, Stupid | Mother Jones

Having cornered the wealth of America, the rich and superrich are determined to punish everyone else.

The Center on Budget and Policy Priorities published a lengthy, wonky analysis [on 17 February] of the Republicans’ proposed cuts — it really is worth reading — and today offers a summary of some of the top-line provisions. Among other things, the proposal would:

* Cut Head Start, which provides at-risk children up to age 5 with education, health, nutrition, and other services, by an amount equivalent to the cost of serving 157,000 children.

* Cut Pell Grants, which help students afford college, by nearly 25 percent, affecting all 9 million students who receive them.

* Cut, by more than half, Workforce Investment Act funding to provide job training, job search, and other employment assistance for low-income adults and workers whose jobs have been eliminated.

* Cut, by more than half, two funds that help communities pay for sewage and wastewater treatment and for upgrading facilities that ensure safe drinking water.

* Cut funds for the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention by 22 percent, for the Food and Drug Administration by 10 percent, and for the Food Safety Inspection Service by 9 percent.

All of this, of course, comes against an important backdrop — in December, the same GOP leaders demanding these cuts were also demanding massive tax breaks they didn’t even try to pay for. They’re arguing now that the cuts are absolutely unavoidable because of the deficit, which happens to be the deficit they created and made much worse a couple of months ago.

And really, that’s just some of the higher-profile problems with the plan. It doesn’t even get to devastating cuts to food safety, energy efficiency programs, environmental protections, NASA, scientific research, FEMA, and Centers for Disease Control. The associated job losses, as we learned this week, could total 1 million.

The Washington Monthly

I repeat my current suggestion for a Republican post-campaign slogan:

Thanks for the vote, suckers.

Class warfare is exactly what we need, right now.


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