The Struggle for the Future is Behind Us

new research shows that even if all emissions were stopped now, temperatures would remain higher than pre-Industrial Revolution levels because the greenhouse gases already emitted are likely to persist in the atmosphere for thousands of years.

In fact, it is possible temperatures would continue to escalate even if all cars, heating and cooling systems and other sources of greenhouse gases were suddenly eliminated, said Kyle Armour, a UW doctoral student in physics. That’s because tiny atmospheric particles called aerosols, which tend to counteract the effect of greenhouse warming by reflecting sunlight back into space, would last only a matter of weeks once emissions stopped, while the greenhouse gases would continue on.

If greenhouse gas emissions stopped now, Earth would still likely get warmer, new research shows


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1 Response to The Struggle for the Future is Behind Us

  1. JoeW says:

    Oceans are ready too:

    “Over the long term (millennial timescales), the ocean has the potential to take up approximately 85 percent of the anthropogenic CO 2 that is released to the atmosphere. As long as atmospheric CO 2 concentrations continue to rise, the oceans will continue to take up CO 2 . However, this reaction is reversible. If atmospheric CO 2 were to decrease in the future, the oceans will start releasing the accumulated anthropogenic CO 2 back out into the atmosphere.”

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