You are the World

In terms of information processing, that is. Notice in this article the comparison between all the information in the world, the DNA in your body, and the neuron activity in a single human brain.

Martin Hilbert, of the USC Annenberg School for Communication & Journalism, is the lead author of a paper published in Science Express, which has a go at calculating …

the world’s total technological capacity — how much information humankind is able to store, communicate and compute. …

So how much information is there in the world? …

Prepare for some big numbers:

… the researchers calculate that humankind is able to store at least 295 exabytes of information. (Yes, that’s a number with 20 zeroes in it.) …  That’s 315 times the number of grains of sand in the world. But it’s still less than one percent of the information that is stored in all the DNA molecules of a human being.

…In 2007, all the general-purpose computers in the world computed 6.4 x 10^18 instructions per second, in the same general order of magnitude as the number of nerve impulses executed by a single human brain.

How much information is there in the world? (Boldface emphasis added.)

And this article adds to it! Just doin’ my part of the petabytes.

Update: this story also here (information repeated is not information, so this does not add to the overload): BBC News – Global data storage calculated at 295 exabytes

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