The Long Arm of DARPA

DARPA is intent on developing a mind-controlled robot arm.







No, not that one. This one:

The arm, which was developed at a cost of over $100 million by DARPA and Johns Hopkins University over the past five years, is controlled by a microchip in the brain. The microchip records neuron activity and decodes the signals to activate motor neurons that control the prosthetic. …

Now that the arm has been expedited through the FDA’s program, Johns Hopkins will implant its microchips in five patients and monitor them for a year. There are few safety concerns, but the university anticipates issues with maintaining chip quality over time, according to the Los Angeles Times. If all goes well, the arm could be on the market in just four to five years.

DARPA’s Mind-Controlled Prosthetic Arm Could Be on the Market in Four Years | Fast Company


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