“An Open Prison”

from BigThink, boldface emphasis added:

Israel is watching the fast moving events in the Maghreb with a sense of real trepidation. The old order is breaking like the Arctic ice under the thawing rays of the first Spring Sun. Whether it is the armed forces that take over in Egypt, or a moderate secular democrat, or indeed the Muslim Brotherhood, it will never be the same again for Israel. The peace agreement signed between Anwar Sadat and Menachem Begin thirty years ago may not be immediately broken by any new Egyptian Government, but it seems unlikely that it will be observed to the extent that Egypt has effectively been complicit in the blockade of Gaza. That strip of misery is one of the most populous places on the planet. It is also effectively one huge ‘Bantustan’ or reservation. The Arab street regards it as an open prison, and part of the revolt against Mubarak is the belief that he has kow towed to the United States and allowed the Israelis to get on with whatever they want to get on with in Gaza, the west Bank and Jerusalem.

Israel Cannot Avoid The Arab Storm | As I Please | Big Think

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