Middle East: Iran Meltdown

Many of the governments is the Middle East are melting down. How about the possibility of a real meltdown, of a nuclear plant?

For those trying to avoid the Apocalypse, here’s the good news: a computer worm that attacked Iran’s main nuclear power plant last year seems to have delayed the Islamic Republic’s ability to build a nuclear weapon. The bad news? That worm could cause a Chernobyl-style meltdown once the plant becomes fully operational.

That’s according to the Associated Press, which yesterday obtained a report by an intelligence agency of “a nation closely monitoring Iran’s nuclear program” that found that because Stuxnet had penetrated the electronic controls at Bushehr nuclear power plant, it could jeopardize safety systems when the plant was fully operational and lead to a meltdown that would “have the force of a small nuclear bomb.”

Foreign Intel: Is Iran in Danger of Nuclear Meltdown? – TIME NewsFeed

More here in an earlier post: “It writhes! It writhes! –with mortal pangs…” | Notes from The Pondonome

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