Egypt: Hundreds of Thousands in the Streets of Cairo

From the BBC:

Organisers have been hoping to bring one million people on to the streets of the capital. The demonstration is the biggest since the protests began.

The atmosphere has been festive, with protesters singing and chanting. …

BBC correspondents in Cairo’s Tahrir Square say the crowds there are much bigger than on the previous seven days of protests.

Journalists at the scene estimated that hundreds of thousands of people – men, women and children from a cross-section of Egyptian society – were there, although in the absence of official estimates, there is no way of finding out the exact numbers.

BBC News – Egypt unrest: protesters hold huge Cairo demonstration

Update: Egyptians find an outlet:

Unedited, raw, anonymous and emotional, Egyptian voices are trickling out through a new channel that evades attempts by the authorities to suppress them by cutting Internet services.

A new social media link that marries GoogleTwitter and Saynow, the voice-based social media platform, gives Egyptians three phone numbers to call and leave a voicemail, which is then sent out as a recorded Twitter message. The messages are at

The result is a story of a revolution unfolding in short bursts. Sometimes speaking for just several seconds, other times for more than a minute, the disembodied voices convey highly charged moments of excitement or calm declarations of what life is like in the Arab world’s most populous country as it seeks to overturn the rule of its leader.

New Service Allows Egyptian Voices to Be Heard –

Update: From The Guardian: “The revolution will be televised.”

5.13pm: A giant TV screen has reportedly just been put up in Tahrir Square. No prizes for what it is showing….al-Jazeera. The revolution will be televised.

Egypt protests – live updates | News |

From the New York Times:, which also emphasizes that the protesters come from a wide swath of Egyptian society:

Hundreds of thousands of Egyptians poured into Tahrir Square on Tuesday in scenes of jubilation and protest that cut acrossEgypt’s entrenched lines of piety, class and ideology, marking the largest demonstration yet against the 30-year rule of President Hosni Mubarak and energizing a country that feels on the cusp of change.

Hundreds of Thousands Protest in Cairo for Mubarak’s Ouster – NYTimes.

Slideshow here: Ever-Larger Protests Flood Cairo Streets – Slide Show –

Jordan was one of six states discussed recently by the BBC as vulnerable to protest, which I noted here:  Identifying the Dominoes. The King of Jordan has taken preemptive action.

King Abdullah II of Jordan fired his government in a surprise move on Tuesday, in the face of a wave of demands of public accountability sweeping the Arab world and bringing throngs of demonstrators to the streets of Egypt.

Jordan’s King Dismisses Cabinet –

It is beginning to hurt:

Egypt’s economy approached paralysis on Monday as foreign commerce, tourism and banking all but halted, placing acute pressure on President Hosni Mubarak to find a way out of the weeklong chaos.

Egyptians Struggle as Crisis Paralyzes Economy –

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