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Silence Implies Consent: Obama Quiet on Repression in Iraq

We saw it with Yemen, and now we’re seeing it again with Iraq: the Obama administration is conspicuously quiet when friendly Middle East regimes use ugly tactics — including violence and imprisoning peaceful demonstrators — to quell growing protest movements in … Continue reading

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Art in a Petri Dish

    Biophysicists are growing Petri dishes of different species of bacteria in order to develop new antibiotics. The bacteria are subjected to different temperatures and have limited food sources inside the dish. Despite these conditions, most colonies tend to … Continue reading

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Earth and Air, Fire and Water

I love photos that abstract from nature patterns we could not otherwise see. Such as today’s Earth Science Picture of the Day. (Today being 28 February.) This here’s a mere snippet. Click for yourself. Moonlight Glitter – Earth Science Picture … Continue reading

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The Budget Crisis According to Toles

See the toon from 28 February for the punchline. Tom Toles Editorial Cartoon on See also Rich on the Right, Right as Usual

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Size Matters

Many more, here: This is Indexed

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Got a Buck in Your Wallet?

You can pay the entire federal tax burden of General Electric, ExxonMobil, Citibank, and the Bank of America. They are not alone: Please, help these starving corporations. Vote Republican. The GOP will help you part with that last dollar. Hat … Continue reading

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Bush Refuses to Share Stage with Assange

Oh delicious. The man who squandered our national surplus; let down his guard to terrorists; ignored the plight of New Orleans; started an unnecessary war in Iraq while shifting resources from the war in Afghanistan; undermined our moral authority by … Continue reading

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Rich on the Right, Right as Usual

Frank Rich: The highest priority of America’s current political radicals is not to balance government budgets but to wage ideological warfare in Washington and state capitals alike. The relatively few dollars that would be saved by the proposed slashing of federal … Continue reading

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The Anti-Placebo

AKA the nocebo effect. Poor expectations of treatment can override all the effect of a potent pain-relieving drug, a brain imaging study at Oxford University has shown. In contrast, positive expectations of treatment doubled the natural physiological or biochemical effect … Continue reading

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Moon of Saturn? Ha!

It’s a space alien wasp nest, that’s what it is. For a really big wasp.  Saturns Hyperion  

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