Son of Snow Enters the Record Books

The Weather Channel has more on the current record breaking snow season.

First, New York City is poised to break its all time record of 75.6 inches, set in 1995-96, with 56.1 inches on the ground. Since more snow usually falls after Jan 27 than before, NYC will likely shatter its record, not just break it.

Of New York’s eight biggest snowstorms, three of them have occurred in the past 11 months.

The snow has broken records in Philadelphia and Hartford, as well. In fact, …

Meteorlogists Adam Dean, Nick Wiltgen, and TWC Severe Weather Expert, Dr. Greg Forbes(Find him on Facebook) compiled a list of the cities that have already picked up more than their entire season’s average snowfall.  At last count, the list is up to 30 cities from the Dakotas to the Deep South to Massachusetts.

Record Snow Season Again? –

More details at the link, with photos and maps.


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