She Who Shall Not Be Named

Where XXX = redacted.

Ross Douthat:

In every twisted, wretched, ruinous relationship, there are moments so grim, flare-ups so appalling, that they offer both parties a chance to step back, take inventory, and realize that it’s time — far past time, in fact — to go their separate ways.

For the American media and XXX XXX, that kind of a moment arrived last week.

Scenes From a Marriage –

Dana Milbank:

Though it is embarrassing to admit this in public, I can no longer hide the truth. I have a  XXX XXX problem. …

But today is the first day of the rest of my life. And so, I hereby pledge that, beginning on Feb. 1, 2011, I will not mention XXX XXX — in print, online or on television — for one month. Furthermore, I call on others in the news media to join me in this pledge of a XXX-free February.

I’m declaring February a XXX-free month. Join me!

Yesterday, upon the stair,

I met a girl who wasn’t there.

She wasn’t there again today.

I wish, I wish she’d stay away.

with apologies to William Hughes Mearns


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