I Wonder If They Wear Tiny Little Straw Hats and Tiny Little Suspenders

Humans are not the only farmers. Other animals, like ants and termites, grow food, and now a new study reports that a species of amoeba, one of the simplest of organisms, also farms.

Researchers from Rice Universityreport in the journal Nature that the amoeba Dictyostelium discoideum can disperse seed and then selectively harvest crop. The amoeba is popular among scientists because it lives in soil throughout the United States and in many other parts of the world. The crops that the amoebas farm are the bacteria that they prefer to eat.

Amoeba Farming Yields Crops of Bacteria, Study Finds – NYTimes.com

Old Amoeba had a farm

Eee Aye Eee Aye Ohh

And on this farm he had a germ

Eee Aye Eee Aye Ohh

With a fruiting body here

And a fruiting body there

Here a spore, there a spore, everywhere a spore spore

Eee Aye Eee Aye Ohh

Update: National Geographic picked up on this, here: Smallest Farmers Found? Amoebas Carry, Plant “Seeds”

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