Abnormal is the New Normal

Some locations have already received their average snowfall, for the entire season, including Boston, Hartford, New York, and Philadelphia. In fact, New York City’s Central Park is just a few inches off the record 1995-1996 season pace!

And it’s not just the Northeast either.

It’s already a top 5 snowiest January in Kansas City, the snowiest since 1962. Cincinnati has had almost triple their average snowfall-to-date. Spring flood fears are rising in Fargo, N.D. as they’ve picked up over 56″ of snow so far this season, more than double the average-to-date.

Another East Coast Storm Looms! – weather.com

Globally, the atmosphere is warmer and can contain more moisture. It has increased 4% since 1970, which has led to an 8% increase in precipitation, which increase is weighted to extreme events. (According to Jeff Masters, quoted in a previous post here: Great floods, simple sources.)

Get used to it. Abnormal is the new normal.



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