The Intelligent Basketball

InfoMotion Sports Technologies has teamed with University of Michigan researchers to create a smart ball that assesses shooting skills and ball-handling mechanics. Their five-gram circuit board affixes to the inside of a basketball without altering its flight or bounce. Players run through dribbling or shooting drills while the board gathers data from its accelerometers and gyroscopes. The device wirelessly transmits the data to a computer, which produces a breakdown of each shot and analyzes your performance.

The Embeddable Coach: New Basketball’s Built-In Sensor Tracks and Evaluates Players | Popular Science

Hmmm. Only five grams, huh? And wireless communication? Ok, we could combine this with Watson, IBMs Jeopardy computer, and embed a fact-checker chip in every politician’s forehead, which would then glow red when the mouth attached to the head emits a lie.

To save energy, we could invert the signal, and have it glow green on the mention of a truth. This one we could test on Glenn Beck, since there is so little chance of a false positive from that particular forehead.


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