Great floods, simple sources

William Shakespeare:

Great floods have flown from simple sources.

Jeff Masters:

The year 2010 was one the worst years in world history for high-impact floods. But just three weeks into the new year, 2011 has already had an entire year’s worth of mega-floods. I’ll recap here six remarkable floods that have already occurred this year.

Dr Masters supplies details on six great floods which have occurred just three weeks into this new year, in Brazil, Queensland, Victoria, The Phillipines, Sri Lanka, and South Africa.

The simple sources: La Niña, and the increased heat of the ocean.

When one combines the impact of La Niña with the increase of global ocean temperatures of 0.5°C (0.9°F) over the past 50 years, which has put 4% more water vapor into the atmosphere since 1970, the result is a much increased chance of unprecedented floods. A 4% increase in atmospheric moisture may not sound like much, but it turns out that precipitation will increase by about 8% with that 4% moisture increase. Critically, it is the extreme rainfall events that tend to supply the increased rainfall.

Wunder Blog : Weather Underground

Global warming is such a misnomer. Global climate instability, global climate lurching, even Freidman’s global wierding all better describe the fluctuations in weather and climate that we have set in motion.

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