Can I Keep the Dawn Runner? It Followed Me Home…

I shall call you squishy and you shall be my squishy.

Researchers have discovered a small but ferocious dinosaur that lived 230 million years ago, just as dinosaurs were beginning to emerge.

Named Eodromaeus, the creature was about four feet long and weighed 10 to 14 pounds, according to a study published in the journal Science.

“It was very cute; you’d want it as a pet,” said Paul Sereno, a paleontologist at the University of Chicago and one of the study’s authors. “But it might be best as a guard dinosaur, to keep the dogs away.”

Eodromaeus, a Pet-Size Dinosaur, Was Early Ancestor to T. Rex, Resarchers Say –

Image is a snippet of the illustration at the link. There’s a cool video as well.

Update. Also here: New predator ‘dawn runner’ discovered in early dinosaur graveyard and a slideshow here: Pictures: “Nasty” Little Predator From Dinosaur Dawn Found

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