Tour du Jour, 9 Jan 11

Ngram du Jour:

1800-2008: murder vs assassination

Find your own killer words: Google Ngram Viewer

Today in History:

1768: First modern circus is staged

1776: Thomas Paine publishes Common Sense

1839: The first measurement of stellar parallax, by Astronomer Royal Thomas Henderson.

1998: “two teams of international collaborations of scientists announced the discovery that galaxies are accelerating, flying apart at ever faster speeds, by observing distant, ancient exploding stars. This observation –  named as Science magazine’s “Breakthrough of the Year for 1998” – implies the existence of a mysterious, self-repelling property of space first proposed by Albert Einstein, which he called the cosmological constant.”  January 9 – Today in Science History

Happy Birthday to:

1913: Richard “I am not a crook” Nixon.

1935: Bob “I am not Gilligan” Denver

1941: Joan “I am not Bob Dylan” Baez

1951: Crystal “I am certainly not Joan Baez” Gayle


This Day in History — — What Happened Today in History

January 1 – Today in Science History

This Day In Tech


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