The New Normal

As the new decade opens up, researchers are gathering data that will redefineweather pattern averages for the nation.

The “new normals” will update the averages for temperatures, rainfall and snow. A climate normal bases itself on the weather patterns of a particular region over a 30-year period. Every decade, in accordance with international agreements, the National Climate Data Center releases new temperature and rain and snowfall normals for 10,000 regions across the country. …

The current normals rely on weather patterns that occurred between 1971 and 2000. The new normals, which will be released later in the year, will drop the 1970s — a decade marked by cool temperatures — and add the hottest recorded decade in history, the 2000s. …

With these changes comes a pronounced effect on the industries and organizations that rely on the normals.

Climate Shifts Changing New Weather “Normals”: Scientific American

No doubt there will be claims that such measurements or the reporting thereof are politically motivated and therefore somehow unreal.

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