Micro-Clean-Up Crew Accomplishes Mega-Clean-Up Job

Following the greatest environmental catastrophe in recent history, the lowest life forms among us have been the biggest heroes. …

Within four months of the oil spill, bacterial blooms had removed more than 200,000 metric tons of dissolved methane, returning concentrations to normal background levels.

That was a surprise, because in mid-June, scientists found methane concentrations nearly 100,000 times above normal levels, and learned it was decomposing slowly, suggesting it would take years for the hydrocarbon to dissipate.

“We couldn’t have been more wrong. It decomposed rather quickly and was completely consumed within a matter of months,” said lead researcher John Kessler, an oceanographer at Texas A&M University, in a news release.

Bacteria Ate All the Methane From the Deepwater Horizon Oil Spill, New Study Says | Popular Science

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