Welcome to Haiti, Welcome to Hell

from Mother Jones:

a survey taken before the earthquake estimated that there were more than 50 rapes a day just in Port-au-Prince, based on just the reported rapes—and more than half of the victims were minors. …

FAVILEK’s [(the Creole acronym stands for Women Victims Get Up Stand Up)] says that displacement camps are hornet’s nests of sexual violence.

The French military policemen hanging around my hotel say the same thing. They are soldiers of MINUSTAH, the United Nations Stabilization Mission in Haiti, and their faces darken when they talk about the camps. “Every day it is like this: fighting, a lot of violence, murder, a lot of rape,” they say, shaking their heads. “A lot of rape.” … And there’s Marc, whose phone is always ringing, who’s “like an ambulance” because “people are always calling me to say someone got raped”—like the woman calling about her teenage daughter today. Marc, who waves at somebody on the street as we drive around Port-au-Prince and yells, “I used to work with that guy!” then explains that the guy quit immediately because he really didn’t want to hear about five-year-olds being raped.

Aftershocks: Welcome to Haiti’s Reconstruction Hell | Mother Jones


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One Response to Welcome to Haiti, Welcome to Hell

  1. There is no security for the women and girls in the camps. They feel abandoned and vulnerable to being attacked. Armed gangs attack at will; safe in the knowledge that there is still little prospect that they will be brought to justice. Watch our video here and help us raise international awareness to end violence against women in Haiti. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Y8xb94sfIEQ

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