from Harper’s “Week in Review”

Q: How is Glenn Beck like a fungus?

A: They have the same (circadian) rhythm!

So do you. Harper’s says so. It must be true.

Norwegian biologists determined that fungi and humans have similar circadian rhythms.9

A national poll found President Barack Obama to be the most admired man in America and Glenn Beck to be more admired than the Dalai Lama. 8

Armenian police were conducting searches and surveillance that “emo” music caused two teens to kill themselves. Alik Sarkisian, Armenia’s top police officer, warned that emo could “damage our gene pool.”

A crowd that stretched nearly 20 blocks watched the ball drop at midnight on January 1 in Times Square. Revelers in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania, watched an 85-pound fiberglass Peep chick get lowered, while residents of Lebanon, Pennsylvania,cheered as a 150-pound bologna was dropped.

More: Weekly Review—By Rafe Bartholomew (Harper’s Magazine)

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