“Stress Success”

Julia Whitty, in Mother Jones:

Are prophecies of conservation doom self-fulfilling? That’s the intriguing argument put forward in a new paper in Trends in Ecology and Evolution by Australian researchersStephen T. Garnett and David B. Lindenmayer.

In “Conservation science must engender hope to succeed,” the authors suggest that relentless communication of an impending mass extinction is failing to motivate politicians, policy makers, or the public, and is likely to be counterproductive:

Researchers need to provide the science not only for the campaigns lamenting environmental loss, but also, most importantly, for those celebrating the effectiveness of conservation.

Stress Success | Mother Jones

Point taken.

The author’s list some of the success stories which need to be emphasized, including:

South Korea, almost denuded after the Korean War, now boasts forest cover across more than 63 percent of the country.

In Australia, large-scale land clearing has been halted and most of the rainforest in the country is now contained within World Heritage sites.

The largest marine protected area in the world was recently enacted by one of the poorest nations on Earth, Kiribati.

Worth the read.


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