Sandy Bridge

Intel is releasing its newest chip, Sandy Bridge, which puts the graphics on the same chip as the microprocessor.

With the Sandy Bridge design, computer makers don’t have to add separate graphics chips from Advanced Micro Devices or Nvidia — at least for laptops that don’t need stellar performance. …

The chip cannot handle the highest standard of graphics, and will not run the most demanding of games.

The Intel chip can handle DirectX 10.1 graphics, but it can’t do the most advanced graphics standard, DirectX 11.

With 500 PCs models coming, Intel launches its combo graphics-microprocessor chips | VentureBeat

It will, however, play movies at the highest 1080p resolution … if you pay for them.

Intel Corp., aiming to alleviate Hollywood’s concerns about piracy, is building security into a new chip design that would let Warner Bros. and other studios sell high-definition movies online for viewing on computers. …

Warner Bros. will use the technology as part of a plan to make more than 300 titles available in February.

The feature is designed to prevent illegal copying of high- definition films …

Intel Chip Design Gives Hollywood Security for Movie Downloads – Bloomberg

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