Tour du Jour, 2 Jan 11

Ngram du Jour:

1800 – 2008: Beethoven vs Bach

No contest. Bach wins hands down. But whence those spikes?

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Today in History:

1492: Reconquest of Spain

1839: The first photograph taken of the moon, by Louis Daguerre.

1905: Russian fleet surrenders at Port Arthur. To Japan. By the humiliation of Russia, Japan became a player on the world stage.

1923: Secretary Fall resigns in Teapot Dome scandal. The scale of the scandal was laughingly small by today’s standards. I’m not sure it would even qualify as a scandal, given that today’s legislators are expected to be tomorrow’s lobbyists.

1959: The first space shot to escape the gravitational pull of the Earth, Luna I, is launched toward the moon by Russia. It missed by 4,600 miles. Close enough.

Happy Birthday to:

1822: Rudolf Clasius, a founder of thermodynamics.

1920: Isaac Asimov


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January 1 – Today in Science History

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