US Violates Treaty Obligations to Protect Torturers

The U.S. Department of Justice has rejected a request from prosecutors in Warsaw for assistance in the investigation into the alleged CIA prisons in Poland, where captives claim they were tortured. On 18 March, the Prosecutor’s Office of Appeal in Warsaw filed a motion for legal assistance from the US Department of Justice into the probe. On 7 October, reports the PAP news agency, the US informed prosecutors that the motion had been rejected on the basis of the international Agreement on Mutual Legal Assistance in Criminal Matters and that the U.S. authorities consider the matter “to be closed”.

US refuses cooperation with Poland’s CIA ‘black site’ probe – :: News from Poland

So far, the U.S. Justice Department has failed to comply with its treaty obligations to supply information requested by prosecutors in Spain, Germany, Italy, and Poland who are probing allegations of kidnapping, false arrest, assault, and torture by persons believed to be CIA agents in connection with extraordinary rendition operations. Spanish prosecutors have identified officials of the Justice Department itself as targets of their investigation. WikiLeaks disclosed cables showing that U.S. diplomats made extraordinary efforts to suppress or interfere with these criminal investigations, and that threats were repeatedly leveled at local political leaders in an effort to get them to meddle with criminal justice processes–which by law are insulated from political manipulation.

Justice Department Refuses Cooperation With Polish Prosecutors Investigating Torture at CIA Black Site—By Scott Horton (Harper’s Magazine)

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