To Flee or to Fly from the Flu…

In the past weeks, the South has been the epicenter of the flu, with less than a handful of states reporting outbreaks.  However, now more than a dozen states are reporting regional flu outbreaks with one, Mississippi, reporting a widespread outbreak.  Even more telling, is that the flu is no longer isolated to the South.  It’s now also in the Northeast,  Southwest, and Southern Plains.

Christmas Gift No One Wants: The Flu! –

Not just here. Flu is clogging hospitals in the United Kingdom

The number of serious flu cases in England has soared, putting pressure on hospitals’ intensive care units and forcing the delay of some non-urgent operations.

The Department of Health says 738 people with confirmed or suspected flu are in intensive care, up 60% on last week’s figure of 460. They include 42 children under five.

The figures come the day after it was revealed that 39 people in the UK have now died from flu this year, a rise of 12 in the last week, with vaccine advisers saying 16m people are at serious risk from flu because of the poor uptake of the vaccine.

Flu outbreak piles pressure on intensive care units | Society |

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