Tour du Jour, 28 Dec 10

Ngram du Jour

Good vs evil

Looks like we’re winning.

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Today in History:

1869: America’s first Labor Day.

1886: The first patent for a commercially successful dishwasher is issued.

1973: The Endangered Species Act is signed into law, and The Gulag Archipelago is published. No connection intended.

1981: Fist American test-tube baby is born.

Happy Birthday to:

1856: Woodrow Wilson, of whom the more I know, the less I think. His worst sin, ignored by textbooks, was his vile racism, which led directly to the worst years of lynching in the United States, and held back progress in civil rights for more than a generation.

1882: Sir Arthur Eddington, astronomer and mathematician who, among other things, led the 1919 expedition which measured the bending of starlight by the gravity of the sun, the first experimental confirmation of General Relativity.

1903: John von Neumann, magnificent mathematician, who contributed to the foundations of quantum theory, information theory, and founded game theory on his own.

1934: Maggie Smith

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Astronomy Picture of the Day

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Earth Science Picture of the Day


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