Tour du Jour, 25 Dec 10

Ngram du Jour

Hamburger vs Pizza

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History du Jour

1741: First centigrade thermometer, by Anders Celsius. It was upside down, with the freezing point at 100, and boiling at 0! Everybody waited until he died to flip it over.

1758: Halley’s comet first spotted on its reappearance, the first fulfilled prediction of a comet.

1776: Washington crosses the Delaware.

1941: World premiere of White Christmas, sung by Bing Crosby.

1962: To Kill a Mockingbird debuts.

1999: Hubble Space Telescope gets repair job to its optics, begins acquiring unprecedented, magnificent, iconic images.

Happy Birthday to:

1642: Sir Isaac Newton, well known alchemist; also, as Warden of the Mint, Newton was the first to mill the edges of coins; also, work in optics, mechaniks, gravity, calculus, other stuff.

1899: Humphrey Bogart

1924: Rod Serling

1946: Jimmy Buffet

1949: Sissy Spacek


This Day in History — — What Happened Today in History

December 24 – Today in Science History

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